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    Whether you're a fledgling startup or a corporate giant, marketing is everything. It can turn your worst
    commodity into your best asset. Marketing establishes your identity and illustrates who you are as a business.

    There are millions of new and innovative ideas out there, but without proper marketing, many of these ideas will never make it past conception. Knowing when to market, how to market, and who to market to can make or break a business.

    Implementing 'tried and true' and 'new age' strategies and tactics to back your brand, can often be the key
    between success and every day. Whether traditional public relations and media outreach, social media development or the ideal strategy guides and best practices for the drip campaigns and promotional emails—success and failure is only accomplished by our results-driven approach is always by an overview of the business issues and the goals of our clients, not simply "lip service".

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    Owner // Contributing Writer

    Public Relations + Branding + Marketing Consultant

    A seasoned professional with nearly a decade of agency and corporate experience specializing in executive-level public relations, communications, and international marketing tactics, focusing on products and services development, analysis and growth.

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